Saturday, April 01, 2006

THE COLD DISH by Craig Johnson (Penguin)

Like a magnet grabs iron filings, this book pulled me in from the first sentence and held me through the last words of the epilogue. Characters were well defined and likeable; the pacing was perfect; the story compelling. I had an idea of the perpetrator, but that didn't detract one iota from my enjoyment of my reading. After all, I could have been wrong.

Sheriff Walt Longmire has many bad memories of his 24 years of duty in Absaroka County, Wyoming, but only one haunts him—the brutal rape of a fetal-alchohol teenaged Native American. Even though Walt caught the perps, who were brought to trial, nobody thinks they got what they deserved. With a new death (is it a hunting accident?) on his plate, Walt introduces the reader to other inhabitants of his county, each of whom has a backstory of his/her own. Absaroka County is no Mayberry, but the sheriffs have a wonderful similarity. I cannot say enough good things about this book!