Friday, December 29, 2006

SUN STORM by Asa Larsson (Delta)

I read this winner of Sweden's Best First crime Novel Award when it came out in English in hardcover. The book's beginning reminded me somewhat of THE DIVINCI CODE's: a man watches himself die in a place where murder has no place—this time in a church. Attorney Rebecka Martinsson doesn't want to return to her hometown, but it's her best friend's brother, the charismatic leader of the church, who was murdered. The story is one of contrasts in red and white, not only of blood and snow. Rebecka soon learns that little in her hometown is what it seems, and she must fight—not only for her friend, but for her life. A thoroughly compelling read from the land of snow and ice.

Saturday, December 02, 2006

DEAD DAYS OF SUMMER by Carolyn Hart (Wm. Morrow)

It's always amazing to me that an author with a long-running series can keep making them fresh and better. This is the 17th in the Death on Demand series--and it's one of the best! While Annie and Laurel are planning a surprise blowout birthday party for Max, he takes on a new case. Even though he doesn't like the secrecy his new client imposes, he goes along with her. Bad move. When he disappears and a body turns up near his car, even friendship with the chief of police can't control the fallout: Max is suspected of murder. Annie has to uses all her resources, including faithful customers at her bookstore, to get Max back and clear his name. It's going to be a cold winter--warm up with DEAD DAYS OF SUMMER.