Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Senior Sleuths Handout

I posted an invalid link to my "Senior Sleuths" handout for a library program. I'm sorry for the inconvenience it caused. I emailed the pdf file to everyone who let me know about the problem, but I hope others will still be interested. Anyway, I'm reposting a corrected link.
Download PDF here

Sunday, September 02, 2007

LITTLE FAITH by Michael Simon (Penguin)

Austin, Texas had a lot happening in 1995. A former child star turned porn actress is murdered. A 13-year-old boy runs away from his foster home. The new governor is a man who helped bankrupt an oil CEO who is now forced to be just the husband of an ardent pro-lifer whose preacher said of her, "The church's resources come from God. But…Mrs. Wade signs his checks." And. The Austin Police Department has a huge banquet to announce promotions. Dan Reles knows he should be promoted to lieutenant, but as the only Jew on the force (and a loose cannon to boot), he's not surprised when he doesn't hear his name called. Dan doesn't have long to worry about his rank--especially when his home life changes quickly, he's assigned a new partner, and he's suspected of murder.

This is a fast-paced police procedural which exposes the bad side of several strata of society. Block out some time to finish this one.

THE ALEHOUSE MURDERS by Maureen Ash (Berkley)

I thought I was burned out on Templar Knight mysteries, but Ash proved me wrong. This book isn't about far-fetched conspiracies; rather, it's a good, old-fashioned mystery featuring Bascot de Marins, a Templar Knight who is recovering from wounds suffered during and escape from imprisonment by the Saracens. Just before a midsummer fair is to begin, an woman discovers four bodies in the alehouse. Lady Nicolaa de la Haye, wife of the sheriff and owner of Lincoln Castle charges de Marins with solving the crime. Before he can finish his initial inquiries, a priest is stabbed. Then, nearly every time new evidence is uncovered, a new murder complicates the puzzle.

The gentle history lessons about life in thirteenth century England are skillfully wrapped in an excellent mystery. I look forward to more from Maureen Ash!

CASHED IN by Jackie Chance (Berkley)

After becoming an instant Texas Hold 'Em winner, Belinda Cooley splurges on a gambling cruise for herself, her new man, her twin brother, and her parents. Her recent win in Vegas awarded her a free buy in for the "Sea Gambler's" tournament, but she'd have been much better off going to Disney! Things start to go wrong even before she gets to her cabin: Her lover is a no show, her girl crazy brother surrounds himself with sweet young things, and her mother starts talking (loudly!). When champion poker players start disappearing, things get crazy fast.

Chance does a good job of identifying the huge cast of characters so the reader doesn't spend much time thinking about who is who. Poker players and light cozy fans should have fun with this light-hearted series.