Sunday, January 01, 2006

Edge of Evil by J. A. Jance

It's a sad fact of life: Men in TV become distinguished as they age; women become old. Alison Reynolds didn't think it would apply to her this early, she was in her mid-forties; but she was wrong. When relieved of her anchor spot on the LA evening news, she was momentarily distracted by the disappearance of her best friend from high school. Seeking solice from home and a chance to help her friend, she left immediately for Sedona, Arizona. Unlike Thomas Wolfe, Alison found she could go home again. Soon she was slinging hash in her parents diner, visiting old friends, and asking too many questions. Because she voiced her intentions of bringing legal action against both the station and network for her dismissal to her son, he created a blog for his mother where she could chat with her TV fans. Soon she was involved witn the ALS and domestic violence communities. Jance works her usual wonders in her craft--likeable, well-defined characters; multiple story lines; and a compelling delivery. Don't miss this paperback original!

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Unknown said...

Hi, Molly. Saw your mention of the blog on DL, so I've bookmarked it. Glad to see you're doing it.