Saturday, October 21, 2006

Cascade Mountain Railroad Mysteries by Anne Capeci (Peachtree)

When I was reviewing children's books I always looked for the most bang for the buck. This series for young readers fills the bill. The spot-on adventure series offers good mystery and excellent history without being "teachy." The first in the series, DANGER DYNAMITE, introduces a diverse group of children in a Cascade Mountain railroad village. Missing dynamite, school pranks, and an old wanted poster combine to set the stage for a well-crafted adventure. "Dynamite" was nominated for an Agatha award.

This excellent series also includes DAREDEVILS, GHOST TRAIN, and MISSING!

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Anonymous said...

i loved your book it is scary by the way but i loved it and u should write more like that NO MORE BABY STORIES lol.... i am doing a presentation on your book