Monday, November 20, 2006

THE DOCTOR ROCKS THE BOAT by Robin Hathaway (Thomas Dunne Books)

Hathaway won the Malice Domestic Best First Traditional Mystery Contest and the Agatha for the first book in this series and she hasn't slowed down yet. In this outing Dr. Fennimore succombs to spring fever and renews his membership in a rowing club on Philadelphia's Schuylkill River. The first person he sees at his old club is a medical school classmate who had to quit rowing because of a heart defect. Fennimore is dismayed to learn that his old friend is living his own thwarted ambitions in his son's success. A death on the river and a nearly successful attempt on Fennimore's life combined with an effort to pull down the historic boat houses for a new marina make for a very successful who-done-it. Enjoy your cruise!

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