Sunday, May 27, 2007

THE STAR by David Skibbins (Thomas Dunne Books)

What's an aging hippie to do? After being underground since 1970, Warren Ritter is still trying to keep a low profile in Berkeley. But when the daughter he never knew he had until this year asks for help, he knows he has to be there for her. After all, her underlying problem, bipolar disorder, is his problem too. Fran's marriage to a police officer is going down the tubes, and Orrin is trying to get custody of six-month-old Justin. Warren pulls out all the stops in his efforts to help Fran—including allowing his therapist to drive his prized Aprilia motorcycle. When I saw "A Tarot Card Mystery" on the front cover, I was skeptical. Once I met Warren, I was in for the ride. Now I'm going back to the bookstore to find EIGHT OF SWORDS and HIGH PRIESTESS.

So many books, so little time!

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David Skibbins said...

What a brilliantly insightful review.l But then I am a pit partial, since I wrote the darn book. Tell me how you like the other two! David Skibbins