Sunday, August 05, 2007

THE CHOCOLATE JEWEL CASE by Joanna Carl (Signet)

It's now a well-known fact: Chocolate is good for you. Personal study (I've read the entire series) has shown that reading Carl's delightful chocolate-themed mysteries provides everything necessary for a well-crafted cozy. Lee and Joe should be on their honeymoon at a cool resort; instead, they're in the middle of remodeling a house during a Michigan heat wave, hosting several house guests, and dealing with business crises. To add more tension to the situation, a man turns up claiming to be Joe's dad (presumed dead for 30 years), Lee and Joe are dinner guests where the entertainment is a major jewel robbery, and one of the house guests is a prime suspect for murder. The metaphor must be made--the "chocoholic mysteries" offer a delightful sampler of crime fiction at its best.

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