Sunday, September 02, 2007

LITTLE FAITH by Michael Simon (Penguin)

Austin, Texas had a lot happening in 1995. A former child star turned porn actress is murdered. A 13-year-old boy runs away from his foster home. The new governor is a man who helped bankrupt an oil CEO who is now forced to be just the husband of an ardent pro-lifer whose preacher said of her, "The church's resources come from God. But…Mrs. Wade signs his checks." And. The Austin Police Department has a huge banquet to announce promotions. Dan Reles knows he should be promoted to lieutenant, but as the only Jew on the force (and a loose cannon to boot), he's not surprised when he doesn't hear his name called. Dan doesn't have long to worry about his rank--especially when his home life changes quickly, he's assigned a new partner, and he's suspected of murder.

This is a fast-paced police procedural which exposes the bad side of several strata of society. Block out some time to finish this one.

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