Monday, May 12, 2008

COUNT TO TEN by Karen Rose (Grand Central Publishing)

I don't usually review books by bestselling authors--I figure they're too easy to find, but Rose's publicist did a good job of follow-up with me, so I promised to read this one and give it a chance. Boy, I'm glad I did!

Arson investigator Lt. Reed Solliday isn't too happy with being teamed with brash, bossy Det. Mia Mitchell, but the rash of house fires has just accelerated into homicide. There's an obvious thread among the crimes, and Sully and Mia must define it before they can identify the perp. Even as the two make headway on their investigations (and their relationship) the crimes become more violent—and personal.

Rose really knows how to plot a page-turner! You'll find yourself looking over your shoulder as you read by the midnight oil.

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