Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I SHALL NOT WANT by Julia Spencer-Fleming (Thomas Dunne Books)

The continuing saga of Episcopal priest Clare Ferguson and Police Chief Russ Van Alstayne improves with every outing. That said, I encourage new readers to begin at the first of the series and enjoy the journey. I SHALL NOT WANT begins with a flashback of a rookie policewoman at a bloody shootout which ensnares the reader and holds on until the book is finished.

Clare has become involved with working with Latino migrant workers and the farmers to whom they are essential. Conflict arises with people who assert the migrants are taking work away from US citizens.

As always, Spencer-Fleming allows bad things to happen to good people and forces her protagonists to look at all sides of a situation. Again, thhe relationship between Clare and Russ colors the situations and the way they make decisions.

The publishers consider this a "breakout" novel. I agree.

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