Monday, September 01, 2008

PRODIGAL SON by Thomas B. Cavanagh (Thomas Dunne Books)

Now that retired police detective Mike Garrity's brain cancer is in remission, he realizes that he's got to get back in the work force. When he takes his teenaged daughter to the funeral of one of her classmates, the boy's father approaches him. "Victor didn't kill himself…He wouldn't. He didn't. I want you to find out what happened." Even without a PI license, Mike agrees to help the father.

Later that day, Mike meets Debbie Watson at his cancer support group. Debbie urges him to persue a job interview with a PI company. Surprisingly, the interview is quite short, culminating in "So, when can you start?" Mike's generous employment packages includes health insurance and a percentage of any work he brings to the company. When Debbie offers Mike another case, his new job looks even better.

As Mike starts working the two cases, he unravels more threads than he intended—and the threads lead to some very scary people. Add a Category 5 hurricane to the mix, and Mike is in 'way deeper than he ever invisioned. Fortunately, he gets support from a totally unexpected source. I look forward to more adventures with Mike Garrity!

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