Friday, December 19, 2008

MURDER IN FOUR PARTS by Bill Crider (Minotaur)

Sheriff Dan Rhodes figures there's something fishy about an invitation to join a barbershop chorus. After all, he's not much of a shower singer. Before he can figure out the motive behind his invitation though, he's out on a call to catch the alligator in a drainage ditch. And the alligator leads to chickens…

Yep, it's pretty much business as normal in Blacklin County, Texas, and Rhodes has just about all he can handle even before a murder in the barbershop group. Once again, Dan manages to keep his wits about him despite continual heckling from his staff and misdirection from those he's sworn to protect and serve. 

I'll take a trip to this part of Texas any time!

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Unknown said...

Thanks for the kind words. As I always say, the sheriff and I can use all the help we can get!