Wednesday, July 29, 2009

THE DARK HORSE by Craig Johnson (Viking)

I became a fan of Sheriff Walt Longmire when I read The Cold Dish. Every succeeding book has confirmed my good opinion of Craig Johnson's writing. Not only are his characters compelling, each story is completely different—no changing the characters and altering the situations here. In this latest outing, a young woman confesses to killing her husband (all reports suggest that, as we say in the South, he needed killing). Walt doesn't believe she did it, and he puts himself at risk, both personally and professionally, to prove it. His efforts take him to places he left behind, embroil him with people who are trying to kill him, and to levels of personal courage to which no one should have to travel.

The Dark Horse is a complicated mystery that deserves a reader's time to concentrate on its wonders. Beautifully written, it lingers in one's mind.

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