Sunday, May 09, 2010

The Bride Collector by Ted Dekker (Center Street)

This is a story full of “I can’t put it down” suspense. A serial killer is killing beautiful women is a very creepy way, leaving all the bodies on display with a bridal veil. FBI agent, Brad Raines is always a step behind the killer. He seeks help from four residents of a center for the gifted and mentally ill. At times the dialog between the residents is distracting but worth the effort to get through it. Raines becomes attracted to one of the residents, Paradise, who struggles with psychosis. The killer is psychotic with super intelligence. It becomes a very dangerous game between Raines, Paradise, and the killer. This is not a book to read when you are alone on a dark and stormy night! If you like really scary thrillers this is the book for you.

—Helen Jones

FTC Full Disclosure - book provided by the publisher

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for reviewing this, I'm ready for a good scary thriller!