Saturday, October 02, 2010

King of Kindle by Parnell Hall

Great author and overall funny man of mystery has a delightful video on YouTube. I think you'll enjoy it.

Let me know how many other mystery authors you can identify. There's a prize for the one who gets the most named.


Unknown said...

Umm am I the first one? I'm not 100% sure on all of these but these are my guess so far. Might add more if I can figure them out

Mary Higgins Clark
Larry Block
Gayle Lynds
Tess Gerritsen
David morell
John Gilstrap
Annette and Naan Meyers
Twist Phelan
Caroline Todd
Robin Burcell
Lisa scottoline
Ridly Pearson

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Kate said...

In all honesty I would have missed several on that list, but I can add:
Don Bruns
Michael Connolly
Gar Anthony Haywood
S.J. Rozan
and I think that's Harlan Coben in the back row of that big crowd. There are still about a dozen that remain nameless.

Bill Peschel said...

Thanks for helping. I linked to this post because I was wondering who these people were.

Molly Weston said...

Gosh, folks DON'T post your answers here. Send me an email. There WILL be prizes!!!