Tuesday, November 16, 2010

NEGATIVE IMAGE by Vicki Delany (Poisoned Pen Press)

Mama said there'd be days like this—but she didn't say they'd come in bunches, like bananas.

Bad days really have come in bunches to Trafalgar, British Columbia. A high-rolling fashion photographer is murdered in his hotel room; Sergeant John Winters' wife is accused of the crime; a series of home burglaries is plaguing the town; Constable Molly Smith's father has a serious fall; and, Molly herself is being stalked. Let's not even mention that the RCMP investigator has already made his mind up about the murder.

I was quickly caught up in the small town's troubles and its people. Delany delivers a great story while letting new-to-the-series know enough about each continuing character to become involved immediately. This traditional police procedural is not too graphic for most and edgy enough for all. I look forward to more time with Winters and Smith and their assorted friends, families, co-workers, and the obligatory crooks.

FTC Disclosure - This book was provided by the publisher.

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