Monday, December 13, 2010

Contest - Pet Vet Story

Elaine Viets' mystery shopper, Josie Marcus, is dating a hunky young veterinarian. Josie and Ted become even closer in the latest Mystery Shopper novel, An Uplifting Murder. It's a great read, perfect for traditional mystery lovers.

Now, to bring even more interest to the new book, Elaine is sponsoring a "Your Pet Vet Story" contest. Here's her information.
Josie is seriously dating Dr. Ted Scottsmeyer. He's going to be around for at least one more book. I need good vet stories. Tell me about a memorable trip to the vet and you could win a free copy of "An Uplifting Murder" and get your pet's name in my new book. Prefer stories that are not too sad. Click on "contests" at my websiste.

I'm giving away five free copies of "Uplifting."

Remember, books make great gifts, especially when you buy them at an independent bookstore!

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