Sunday, January 02, 2011

A LONELY DEATH by Charles Todd (Harper Collins)

Even as Inspector Ian Rutledge is embroiled in turmoil at Scotland Yard, a serial murderer is targeting the village of Eastfield. All three victims are young veterans of the late war (WWI), but one is the son of a wealthy brewery owner who demands that the Yard be called in on the case. Rutledge finds virtually clueless crime scenes where the victims were garroted and left where they died. While the families of the victims are willing to talk, they can offer no reasons for the death. As Rutledge follows the meager clues at his disposal, he slowly realizes his suspect is both clever and diabolical. Meanwhile, challenges and losses in his personal life continue to plague the former lieutenant.

I always look forward to another in this outstanding multi-leveled series—and I read each offering with enthusiasm.

FTC disclosure—this book was provided by the publisher.

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