Monday, February 14, 2011

DEATH OF A CHIMNEY SWEEP by M. C. Beaton (Grand Central)

I'll admit it even before someone points out my bias: I absolutely love Hamish Macbeth! Death of a Chimney Sweep is one of the strongest in a long series, in my humble opinion.

Highland newcomer and general bully Captain Henry Davenport orders his wife to have the chimney sweep in tomorrow while he's gone for a walk—and to tell anyone who calls that he's gone abroad. Not surprisingly, Milly enjoys his absence and isn't concerned when he doesn't return after several hours. A plopping noise in the fireplace is her first clue that something is wrong. Readers won't be surprised to learn that the noise was made by blood dripping from the chimney.

The crime behind the several murders is complex and there's a great side story in the village. Speaking of Lochdubh, there's just enough of the eccentric characters I love to make me feel I'd visited my favorite part of Scotland.

FTC Disclaimer - This book was provided by the publisher.

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