Tuesday, March 15, 2011

WHEN THE THRILL IS GONE by Walter Mosley (Riverhead Books)

Private investigator Leonid McGill has more balls in the air than a troop of jugglers: The economy has hurt his business, his wife is seeing a younger man, his best friend is dying, and his sons are making poor decisions. Is it any wonder he accepts the first job that comes his way? A beautiful woman comes to him with a sad story: She's afraid her billionaire husband is going to kill her. After all, his first wife disappeared off his yacht and his second was killed in a mugging. Naturally, the investigation is the heart of the mystery. As with all Mosley novels, it's well plotted, surprising, and fast paced.

The real joy for me, though, is the incredible deftness with which Mosley depicts his characters—and there are many. Not once did I ever have to flip back to refresh my memory of a even a minor player. Every time I'd see a name, a full-blown image of that person would form in my mind. Even the various scenes were vivid, with few words of description, every word powerful and critical.

If you've never read a Mosley novel, this one's a great opportunity to begin your journey!

FTC Disclaimer - This book was provided by the publisher.

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