Sunday, April 10, 2011

Drawing for J.T. Ellison's SO CLOSE THE HAND OF DEATH

I'm always glad to offer readers an opportunity to win a book! Today I'm announcing a drawing for J. T. Ellison's latest homicide lieutenant Taylor Jackson's psychological thriller, So Close the Hand of Death. You don't have to do much: Just post a comment telling me why you'd like to read this "hideous echo of a violent past. Across America, murders are being committed with all the twisted hallmarks of the Boston Strangler, the Zodiac Killer and Son of Sam. The media frenzy explodes and Nashville homicide lieutenant Taylor Jackson knows instantly that The Pretender is back...and he's got helpers."

Entertain me with your reasons! I'll announce the winner on Sunday, April 17, asking him/her to email me a snail mail address.


Sylvia said...

Since I live in East Tennessee I'm always happy to find mysteries set in Tennessee. And since I've also met J. T. and read her All the Pretty Girls, I know it will be a good read. Thanks for the opportunity to win So Close the Hand of Death.

Anonymous said...

I like reading things that just really catch your attention and keep you going! Books like these also help me to understand some of the looney bins wandering todays earth! Thanks for a chance!

Helen Kiker said...

Psychological mysteries tell us a little more about what can go wrong with a human being and how to avoid the dangers that luck around the corner.

Helen Kiker

Pat R. said...

Sounds like a great thriller. Plus here in the Midwest we are into our thunderstorm season - might be quite a book to read by the light of a lantern when the power is off.

Unknown said...

Sometimes a gal just needs the kind of book that you read after dark with all the doors locked and the lights on.

Kari Wainwright said...

Like so many others, I want to understand more about what can damage a person so much that he will become a serial killer. And I want to do this from a safe distance!

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