Friday, August 10, 2012

A Deadly Grind by Victoria Hamilton (Berkley Prime Crime)

This first book in a new series, is a sort of kitchen mystery, complete with a recipe for all you culinary specialists. It has a small-town setting where Jaymie Leighton lives and works as a cookbook and cookware collector. There's some information about the actual definition of a Hoosier cabinet. Who knew? Jaymie lives in a house with her sister and their differences highlight the mystery and their different approaches to life, the universe, and everything. A man is murdered in their home after Jaymie successfully bids on this Hoosier—something she loves! Along with her 3-legged pooch, a Yorki-Poo, Jaymie does a little investigative work to help the police find the killer. She obviously has to help since the murder took place on her sun porch and the killer used the meat grinder that is part of the Hoosier. The plot reveals that many people interested in the cabinet were involved in much more than antiques. Who knew the Hoosier hid valuable information?
This is lightweight reading, but the many nuggets of information, gleaned from descriptions of estate auction items and Jaymie's love of history, make this an interesting mystery. The vintage recipe for Queen Elizabeth Cake might be a bonus.
—Diane Esterly

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