Thursday, June 20, 2013

DEADLY FORECAST by Victoria Laurie (NAL)

Abby Cooper is a psychic. She is trying to prepare for her wedding (the description of her sister's ideas for her wedding in itself is worth the read—best one-word description is "circus")! Abby is a consultant for the FBI and other policing organizations and her fiancé, Dutch Rivers, is an FBI agent. He has been assigned to a case involving suicide bombers. To her terror, Abby has been advised by her spirit guides that Dutch is in mortal danger. She does everything in her power to keep him safe, but it appears that she might not prevent the catastrophe that will take his life. 
There are several sub-plots that keep this book full of suspense—and even fun—not the least of which are the details of wedding preparations. Her friends, who have their own paranormal talents, are part of the wedding party, but they are also part of the plot. The wedding deadline provides suspense, but there's also the deadline of Dutch's possible murder. The final suspense and resulting resolution to the suicide bombers series involves Abby's being kidnapped.
The book offers mystery and suspense, but also warmth and the support of friends, and even tough love among them. Teamwork and friendships and romantic relationships and the attempt to give her sister a memorable wedding all add to this surprising paranormal who-done-it.
This is a good read, with a plot complicated enough to capture the reader's involvement until the end. Without giving away the ending, suffice it to say that Abby and Dutch do NOT give in to her sister's idea of a wonderful wedding. Obviously, Abby is not murdered, but you knew that already, right?
—Dian Esterly 
FTC Disclosure: This book was provided by the publisher.

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