Wednesday, May 03, 2006

SAVANNAH BREEZE by Mark Kay Andrews (Harper Collins)

When Mary Kay Andrews writes a sequel—she writes a SEQUEL! Following the Edgar-nominated SAVANNAH BLUES, Andrews now tells the story of trendy restaurant owner Bebe Lowdermilk (BLUES' Weezie's best friend). No longer successful, Bebe has been DONE WRONG by Reddy a gorgeous con man, er investment counselor, who has sold everything she owned except a run down 1950s motor court on Georgia's Tybee Island. Fortunately all Southern Belles have family and friends (both lifetime and new) to call on when the going gets tough. Bebe's assembled posse comes together witih a vengence to restore her fortune and to teach Reddy why it's not good to mess with GRITS (girls raised in the South). This might well be the best summer read of 2006!

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