Friday, May 12, 2006

COLD RELATIONS by Gerald Hammond (Allison and Busby)

When you're head of Edinburgh's canine unit, everything seems to go to the dogs. Det. Sergeant Honey Laird's caseload seems to thin out a little, so she takes on a chore for an old friend--babysitting the friend's ex-husband, an ex SAS officer recuperating from a head wound in Iraq. Honey's obvious solution to most problems is fixing them up with a dog or two. This time the fix becomes a problem when Andrew's spaniels are kidnapped after a grouse shoot, a shooter goes missing, and a womanizing QC demands a female investigator for his case. The seriousness of the crimes lose nothing by the light touch of Hammond's writing. This book has something for everyone, but it's a wonderful find for lovers of cozy English police procedurals!

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