Friday, August 04, 2006

THE YELLOW DOG by Georges Simenon (Penguin)

Everybody who claims to be a mystery reader should have several authors' works snuggly in their "already read" list. One of the more prominent is Simenon, whose Inspector Maigret has entertained readers for 75 years. Three of Maigret's most compelling cases are now reprinted in small paperback format designed for summer reading. When a series of crimes befall the leading citizens of Concarneau, only one is fatal, but the targets are quickly brought to quivering mass while waiting for the next attack. Adding to their fear, a mysterious yellow dog is found near the scene of each assault. Maigret's thinking-and-watching detecting methods are ridiculed by the town's pompous mayor, but the observations prevail when the pipe-smoking Maigret reveals not only who dunit, but why.

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