Monday, November 20, 2006

DOLLED UP FOR MURDER by Deb Baker (Berkley)

Gretchen Birch's life is in a downward spin: she'll soon turn 30, her seven-year relationship with Steve is cooling rapidly, and she's just lost her job to downsizing. Now, her mother is missing in Arizona and Aunt Nina has been calling every hour on the hour urging her to come to Phoenix--in July. Seems a member of the local doll club has fallen to her death from a mountin behind Caroline Birch's home. Caroline is not only a doll collector, she runs a highly successful doll repair business. By the time Gretchen arrives in Phoenix, Caroline is not only missing but suspected of murder. Like any other hobby, doll collecting has its dark side. Nina's business of training purse dogs injects an element of humor to the stories and the facts about dolls elevate the book to educational. What more can one ask? Good humorous, educational mystery is enough for me!


Anonymous said...

You are SO sweet. I'm absolutely blushing.

D7ana said...

A mystery with a doll collector? This is a must read. I love mysteries, and I collect modern fashion dolls and action figures. Never thought I would find the two in one package.

Could I link to this post in my blog? Thanks in advance.

Dana aka D7ana

D7ana said...

Thanks for your permission. The link is here in case you or Ms. Baker are tracking links for this novel:

I look forward to finding this book. Good luck with your blog and with the novel.

D7ana aka Dana Cooper