Tuesday, January 23, 2007

BONES TO PICK by Carolyn Haines (Kensington)

Sarah Booth Delaney's mama "raised her right," but she also taught her to think for herself. It's hard for Sarah Booth to conform to Southern Belle standards, but when a finishing school graduate is horribly murdered (Quentin McGee had just launched a scandalous tell-all book before her death), Sarah Booth has to resort to conservative clothing and panty hose. Sunflower County (Mississippi) Sheriff Coleman Peters is on leave, the acting sheriff arrests Quentin's lesbian lover for murder, and the suspect's brother hires Sarah Booth to prove her innocence. This is one of the Delta Darling's most dangerous cases, but, in my humble opinion, one of her most rewarding. Sarah Booth is my kind of gal!

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Anonymous said...

AMEN...Sara Booth is also my kind of gal! Very enjoyable and the best Bones book to date in my opinion!