Sunday, January 28, 2007

SNIPPED IN THE BUD by Kate Collins (Signet)

It seems that my favorite florist isn't everybody's favorite! When Abby Knight delivers a special order to an old law school professor with whom she's had a recent altercation, he is murdered—and she's the chief suspect. Somebody's seeing to that. Abby's troubles don't end with the police. Her air-headed cousin Jill has moved in temporarily, crowding Abby and her roommate beyond endurance. Plus, Jill's started a home fashion business, with her entire inventory in the apartment. When Abby has to go undercover to find other suspects, Jill proves her worth. SNIPPED has plenty of action, nice touches of romance, and enough red herrings to confuse us all. I enjoy this refreshing series.

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i loved your book " now you see it ..."