Thursday, January 01, 2009

DEAD MAN DANCING by Marcia Talley (Severn House)

Reading DEAD MAN DANCING on New Year's Eve was even better than dodging the happy revelers who used to bump into us when we went out on the busiest dance night of the year. Hannah's sister is getting married soon and wants to have a band at the wedding. In order to get a group rate for classes, she ropes in family members to join the lessons. 

Ruth's fiance competed in ballroom while in college, so the couple is quickly singled out to compete for a slot in the reality TV show "Shall We Dance?" Hannah relates their progress and problems (including a mugging and two murders) and gives a realistic view of dance classes (even though her characters learn extremely quickly!). As in all of Marcia's books, characters are well drawn and the dialogue crisp.

As Katherine Murray use to say, "Put a little fun in YOUR life: Try dancing."

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