Monday, January 12, 2009

THE WITCH'S GRAVE by Shirley Damsgaard (Avon)

If you think a small town librarian's life is dull, routine, and boring, you're wrong! Ophelia is a good, but reluctant, witch. Her septuagenarian mother, Abby, and her daughter, Tink, have Opelia sandwiched between them with their psychic capers making it impossible  for Ophelia to ignore her own talents. 

Ophelia is ready for romance with author Stephen Larsen, but he is shot on their first not-date. The sheriff wants her to butt out, but a second shooting leaves her no choice but to meddle. When she becomes a target herself, Ophelia begins to trust herself and her gifts. 

I like Ophelia and her family and would enjoy knowing more about their psychic abilities and the way they use them. Though this is my first book by Damsgaard, I will read more of them--especially if they have "witch" in the title. I do like witches!

Diane Esterly

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