Wednesday, April 29, 2009

BREAK NECK by Erika Spindler (St. Martin's)

Erica Spindler has again teamed homicide detectives, MC Riggio with Kitt Lundgren. In Copycat ,Copycat, Kitt was just trying to get back to work after suffering the loss of a child to Leukemia, the break-up of her marriage, and a bout with the bottle. If that weren't enough, a big case,’The Sleeping Angel’ case had eluded resolution. In that book MC wasn’t sure if she and Kitt could function as an effective team; however, they did and they solved the case and have now bonded to make one of Sal Minelli’s best homicide teams.

In this story, a young computer geek is murdered. There is evidence that the barrel of a gun was forced to the forehead of the victim--as if forcing him to reveal some information. And it looks as if after he gave up the information his neck was broken. The only item missing from his apartment is his computer! In quick order, MC’s fiancĂ©, Dan, is murdered and so is her cousin, Tommy. Since Dan was killed while sitting in Tommy’s car, it is possible that he is collateral damage and the killer thought he was killing Tommy. Yet there are several more weird things, MC is getting nasty notes that question if she really knew much about Dan and Tommy’s computer is also missing! Spindler will keep you on the edge of your seat as we find the clues that will lead to the killer or killers.

--Steve Bank

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