Sunday, April 12, 2009

FLIPPING OUT by Marshall Karp (St. Martin's Minotaur)

DEBRIEFING (noun). A day of "hanging out" for LA detectives. "Naval debriefing" is, naturally, held on Reggie Drabyak's fishing boat. This particular debriefing session started out much like others—with sandwiches, beer, and poker. The next day's official briefing at the station, however, is much different: One of the detective's wife has been murdered. When another spouse is killed, it's not apparent whether someone is targeting cops' wives or the highly successful house-flipping business the wives operate with funding from one of their mothers (a highly successful mystery writer).

Throw in a nasty coyote business and a father who provides comic relief and you're in for a fast-paced mystery that's fun to follow. I read this between dinner and bedtime and was sorry when it ended. Add Marshall Karp to my must-read list!


debbie said...

Wow! Love this desriptive review. I also had no idea about the naval debriefing.

Hi! Mr. Karp, waving madly. Finished 2, started 1.

Anonymous said...

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