Sunday, June 28, 2009

ROADSIDE CROSSES by Jeffrey Deaver (Simon & Schuster)

A killer is loose on the Monterey Peninsula in Jeffrey Deaver’s latest thriller. A book as current as the Internet and the cyberspace, we love and hate. A book immersed in the alternate universe where so many fans disappear. Around the world millions of players of these violent games can’t always tell the real world from the game world, where they spend so many hours. Kathryn Dance is an investigator specializing in kinesics, the ability to read the body language we all emit.

She is in the hunt for Travis Brigham, a young man determined to kill everyone who bullied him on the internet blog The Chilton Report. Kathryn's personal and professional life already full, but she must put all her energy into capturing Brigham. The first two attempts to kill two of the bullies have just missed and the potential victims have survived, but now a third person just tangentially aligned with the case has been murdered. Kathyrn is racing the clock to catch the killer before there are more victims. With her partner, Michael O’Neill and computer expert Jon Boling, Kathyrn must follow the clues to catch a killer. Deaver actually uses real websites to entice his readers into helping to solve the crime.

Stephen Bank, Cary (NC) Public Library

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