Sunday, June 21, 2009

WITHOUT A GRAVE by Marcia Talley (Severn House)

Hey, mon, if you don't get a chance to visit the islands in person this year, here's a great way for armchair travel. Hannah Ives and her Naval Academy husband are spending time in the Bahamas while he's on sabbatical. They're enjoying he tranquil, laid back island lifestyle and their congenial neighbors but soon find that there's trouble in paradise. A huge, luxury resort community is being built which threatens the island's delicate coral reef. As the battle between the builders and the islanders ensues, a terrible forest fire reveals a body. A subsequent hurricane leaves another. Hannah and her spunky neighbor, Molly Weston, must use all their detecting skills to solve the crimes.

One of Talley's strengths, for me, is a realistic look at how crime effects ordinary people who encounter bad situations. Even in the face of adversity, life and family must go on. This makes her stories much more believable for me.

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Marcia Talley said...

Oooh, how I love that spunky Molly Weston!

-- Marcia