Tuesday, January 05, 2010

DEAD AIR by Mary Kennedy (Signet)

Carolyn Hart sent me an email about this one.

I'd like to recommend Dead Air, first in a new mystery series. Mary Kennedy's marvelous debut mystery is sure to dispel January gloom.

Readers will delight in talk radio psychologist Maggie Walsh, the fetching protagonist created by real-life psychologist Mary Kennedy. Imagine Frasier meeting Murder She Wrote with a dash of Dr. Phil.

I believe Dead Air launches a fabulous new series.

A new writer can't get better praise! (I enjoyed the book, too, but I know folks pay 'way more attention to Carolyn than to me!)


Anonymous said...

If Carolyn Hart likes it, that's good enough for me. I'll look for it right away.

Mary Kennedy said...

So sorry I missed this! I've had horrible e-mail trouble, my outlook express has somehow "reinvented" itself as Windows Live. It has been a spectacular crash and burn! But I was thrilled to see DEAD AIR, yes, it's the first in the Talk Radio Mysteries. I had great fun writing it, and I just knew I had to set it in sunny Florida. It was fun to write because it combined my former background (radio copywriter) with my present career (clinical psychologist!) Maggie does both!

Msmstry said...

Mary, we've missed you! Sorry about your computer woes (Get a Mac!!!).

Welcome back!