Thursday, August 12, 2010

A BRUSH WITH DEATH by Elizabeth J. Duncan (Minotaur)

Everyone I know was charmed with Duncan's Malice Domestic Best First Traditional Mystery winner The Cold Light of Mourning. I predict they'll be equally delighted with the sequel. Penny Brannigan is now living in the Welsh cottage she inherited from Emma Teasdale and is still cleaning out her friend's things. A packet of letters reveals things about Emma's life which surprise Penny—and cause her to wonder about a 1960's hit and run accident. As Penny investigates, she learns more about her late friend and about the village she now calls home.

Duncan offers a thought-provoking, well presented traditional cozy—and a wonderful look at Wales.

FTC Disclaimer - Book was provided by the publisher


BB said...

I found your blog just by searching fellow readers and have added you to my follow list. I only got to skim through it for now but I can see that I will thoroughly enjoy and appreciate your blogs. I am very new to blogging. Love it.

Msmstry said...

Welcome, Barb! I'm in the process of uploading a bunch more reviews. Hope to see you back soon.