Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Game Giveaway!!!

I don't talk about all my habits here, but I've been addicted to computer games for nearly 25 years. Before you start laughing, I'm not into the role-playing games or those where you get totally involved for weekends at a time. I like those where I play against myself—card games, finding hidden objects, looking for clues, and logic puzzles.

Serendipity set in this week when a reader suggested that perhaps I should run a series of contests rewarding Meritorious Mysteries readers with free online games from Big Fish Games. Meritorious Mysteries will hold three contests. Each contest will run for two weeks, with one winner for each contest. Each contest winner will receive a pack of five codes redeemable on the Big Fish Games website. The cool thing is you'll be able to choose your own games.

All you have to do is "like" Big Fish Games on Facebook or follow them on Twitter or post a comment on Meritorious Mysteries either about mysteries or why you think gaming and mysteries have a lot in common. You can increase your chances of winning by following me on Twitter @MsMystery.

We'll post winners of the first contest on September 28.

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Swordlily said...

Well, I like games like Island Castaway and Virtual villagers, all about adventure and exploring ''new world'' :)

skywatcher said...

I haven't played any of their games but would love to give them a try. A few of the family games look great.

Unknown said...

I will surely participate in the contest. Wish me luck!! Some of the games on Big Fish site are really engaging and interesting. Another site that I frequently visit is www.gadgetgamez.com. They too have an excellent collection of free online flash games. Try this site as well and share your experience.

Neva said...

I am an addict gamer in big fish games. Every items etc. is very exciting!