Wednesday, September 05, 2012

The Informationist by Taylor Stevens (Crown)

The pace is frantic, the situation truly unusual, and our heroine is like no one else! Vanessa Michael Munroe grew up in harshest Central Africa and fought for her very survival. She killed her main tormentor when she was 14 and managed to escape to the United States.

Michael used her survival skills and quick mind to grow into a competent, special person. Her occupation is obtaining information —by any means possible. She can pose as a man or use her beauty as a woman to accomplish her missions. Now she may be facing the most dangerous assignment she has ever accepted. Billionaire oil titan Richard Burbank wants her to find out what happened to his daughter, Emily, who disappeared five years ago in Africa. He insists on sending his ex-military #1 assistant, Miles Bradford, along to aid her in the search.

From her arrival in Africa, Michael senses that she is being followed. She’s right: There are forces working not only to hinder her but to remove her if necessary. When Michael and Miles rush to verify news that news that Emily is alive, their lives become endangered, but doing so may result in their being murdered.
The pace never slackens as Michael must not only find Emily but she must face some of the demons from her childhood.

Author Taylor Stevens had to fight to escape her own upbringing. Her debut novel is a fantastic ride through modern, chaotic Africa. It is a book that’s hard to put down until finished!

—Steve Bank

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