Thursday, December 27, 2012

City of Exiles by Alec Nevala-Lee (Signet

This international thriller involves two foreign assassins—one Russian, one Finn. Both are involved in several gruesome murders but they probably are working on different political agendas. Most of the action takes place in London where the police are working with FBI agent Rachel Wolfe.

The key murder involves international investor James Morley, who has invested a great deal of money in Russian companies. He has apparently discovered that the Russian government is in league with Russian criminals to insure the success of their natural gas companies. The government hopes to control the European market for natural gas, which, in essence, would allow them to control Europe.

Wolpe and her compatriots in the British police must gather clues left by the multiple murders and tie them to the Russian mob. The clues also may be tied to the decades-old murders of 10 hikers lost in the Russian mountains.

There are hints of several factions within the Russian government that may be vying for ultimate control of the government or the new- found power given to them with the control of the natural gas industry. It is a complicated plot, but the pieces will eventually coalesce and you will enjoy Alec Nevala-Lee's thriller.

--Steve Bank

--FTC Disclosure - This book was provided by the publisher.

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