Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The Buzzard Table by Margaret Maron (Grand Central)

Even if there were no crime in the Deborah Knott novels, I would still love them. The people Maron writes about are people I know; the relationships within Deborah's family are as familiar to me as are the societal situations that are very real to North Carolina as we change from rural to urban.

In this outing, Sigrid Harald and her mother are in Colleton County visiting Sigrid's ailing grandmother, Mrs. Lattimore. Deborah Knott and her husband Deputy Dwight Bryant are invited to a dinner party at Mrs. Lattimore's elegant home where they meet Sigrid's long-lost cousin, an ornithologist who is studying Southern vultures.

Combine all the family members with a missing realtor and a badly injured teenager and you'll find yourself settling in for a wonderful read. In my opinion, The Buzzard Table is quite possibly the best in an outstanding series.

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