Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Linda Castillo - Most Recent & First

Her Last Breath

by Linda Castillo (Minotaur)

Anyone who thinks the Amish are boring should take a look at Linda Castillo's Amish Thrillers! A hit and run accident that leaves the farmer and two of his children dead and one child in critical condition brings Chief of Police Kate Burkholder back to Castillo fans. Kate is dismayed when she realizes the victims' wife and mother is an old childhood friend. Further crime scene analysis proves deliberation by the vehicle's driver. Kate's memories of growing up Amish pepper her investigation; at the same time, her relationship with Investigator Tomasetti moves to the forefront of her life.

This is an edge-of-the-seat thriller that you don't want to start reading at midnight!

Because I read and advance copy of Her Last Breath, I have an extra hardcover on hand. I'll send it to a Meritorious Mysteries reader who posts why s/he (1) already enjoys the Amish Thriller series OR (2) looks forward to reading it. Publication date is June 18. Our contest ends on Sunday June 9 at noon EST. I'll post the winner that evening in time for the lucky one to email me the snail address.

FTC Disclaimer: This book was provided by the publisher.

For those of you who must read books in series, read on!

Breaking Silence

by Linda Castillo (Minotaur)

Kate Burkholder, police chief in a small Ohio town, gets an emergency call one winter evening. Three members of an Amish family are dead in a barn. The father, mother and the father's brother who have perished in a poorly ventilated cesspit in the barn. Kate musst investigate the accident and inform the family's four children that their parents are dead.
This is will be especially difficult because Kate was once Amish and she understands that community. When the medical examiner examines the bodies he discovers evidence of blunt force trauma indicating a possible triple homicide. Kate discovers there have been multiple incidents of Amish people being harassed and beaten. Because the Amish just want to be left alone, cooperation will be very difficult.

Because the incidents against the Amish can be considered hate crimes the state sends an Investigator John Tomasetti to assist Kate. The pair have worked together before—both professionally and privately.
Two quick points, I am very pleased to find a mystery author who writes a solid narrative; and, I must say that I learned much about the Amish. Please give a look at Linda Castillo and Breaking  Silence.

—Steve Bank


Anonymous said...

I love Linda Castillo's books, having read the first three. The fourth is on order and looking forward to reading the firth one as well. My roommate is also a big fan so there are two readers of hers in this household.

MJ Frederickson

Anonymous said...

I thought I had the Ohio Amish covered with P.L. Gaus, then met Amanda Flowers at B'Con...she's a Cleveland librarian who writes Amish mysteries, but I DVRed the Amish Murders (I think that was the title) mostly to "check out" the author. Loved it and put all her books, including the first (on which the TV movie was based_ on reserve at my library. Would love the new one, of course.

Kevin R. Tipple said...

Having read, reviewed, and very much enjoyed the previous books, I am way too far back on the hold list for the new one. Very nice to see this author getting more and more credit for writing, in my opinion, very good books.


Susan said...

Loved the first three and am looking forward to reading #4. A great series with realistic characters.

Nancy S said...

Molly, I love the Amish Mysteries of Linda Castillo because I grew up in Ohio around that area (in Wayne County). Our county seat - Wooster - had a hitching rail a block or so off the square for buggies when I was a kid.

Barb Goffman said...

Hi. I'd love to win this book. Police procedurals are one of my favorite types of mysteries, and Castillo's writing makes the pages fly. Plus I love the setting and the relationship between Kate and Tomasetti. Thanks for the chance to win, Molly.

Sherry in Carrollton, TX. said...

Each book in the series has gotten better and better. I enjoyed the tv version also, but the book was better!

traveler said...

Linda Castillo has written a compelling and special novel. The locale and the individuals are fascinating. I enjoyed reading the other books in the series and look forward to this one greatly. saubleb(at)gmail(dot)com

petite said...

The Amish Mysteries are unique and special and the author has captured the setting and mystery aspect perfectly. I have read the first three and would enjoy this new book very much. elliotbencan(at)hotmail(dot)com

Leemarie said...

I've read and recommended the first 3 books in the series to friends. First, Kate and Tomasetti are believable--courageous, yet flawed. I long for them to get together but fear their pasts may simply prevent them from trusting themselves and each other enough. Second, Castillo deftly develops a sense of impending disaster for Kate, whose stubbornness and good heart keep her heading into situations that I, as a reader, keep saying, "No, wait for help. Don't go there....!" Finally, the secondary characters are also believable. The townspeople's attitude toward the Amish speaks to humanity's terrible need to suspect and belittle anyone who is different; I've learned a lot about the Amish and to respect people whose beliefs set them apart from the "norm." Linda Castillo's books don't just entertain; they teach. I'd love to read the next book in this series!

Leemarie said...

PS: LEEMARIE'S email is mlbarton(at)sbcglobal(dot)net

Prentiss Garner said...

I have enjoyed all of Castillo's books sine I read the first one soon after it was published. I always am looking forward to the next one.

Moondancer said...

I have read and enjoyed the first two books. This is an incentive to get caught up on the series.