Saturday, July 06, 2013

SIX YEARS by Harlan Coben (Dutton)

OK, you lost the love of your life and she is marrying some guy named Todd. You can't make up your mind, but you decide to attend the wedding. When Julie tells you, "Promise me, Jake, promise me you'll leave me alone," you return to your job as a professor at a small liberal arts college.

Thus begins Harlan Coben's latest thriller.

Now six years later, Jake Fisher is still single. He reads on his office computer that Todd has passed away. He  decides to attend the funeral to see if there is any spark left from that long ago romance. But, there are very strange discrepancies: There are two teenage children and the widow is not  Julie! As Jack digs into the past to bring it in line with the  present nothing fits nor is there anyone who can help him. 

Ask yourself what would you do if EVERYTHING you knew to be true six years ago does not exist anymore—that's where Jake Fisher is!
If possible, Harlan Coben gets better with age. This one kept me guessing for the length of the book. You will have to pay attention in this fast-paced novel to help Jake put together all the pieces.

—Steve Bank

Note from Molly

I don't often get NYT and Edgar winners ask someone to make a photo of him with me, but Harlan did just that at Malice Domestic in May. We've been friends since he was writing paperback originals.

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