Friday, July 05, 2013

TROUBLE VISION by Allison Kingsley (Berkley)

The play on words in the title—double vision/trouble vision—alludes to the protagonist's dubious paranormal gift. She wishes she didn't have this interited special ability, the "Quinn Sense." Clara Quinn resists the visions that come to her without warning or permission, mostly because they seem unhelpful and unpredictable. Clara has grown up with her cousin, Stephanie, and they are like sisters, being only weeks apart in age and both being only children. 

Clara moved to New York City but returned to Finn's Harbor, Maine when she was jilted by an obviously unscrupulous man. She hasn't told anyone why she's moved back home, but those who know her know it must have been for a profoundly painful reason. Stephanie owns the Raven's Nest bookstore and the cousins run it. Stephanie would love to have the Quinn Sense, so that every time Clara has a vision, Stephanie is right there, wanting to know the reason and meaning while Clara tries to ignore it.
In this story, a hotel resort is being built on the edge of town and there's plenty of conflict and opposition. The mayor calls a meeting to give citizens the opportunity to express their concerns and to voice opinions. The meeting escalates into an actual fistfight, and Clara gets a premonition and vision that spells nothing but big trouble.
When a customer comes into the bookstore talking about a man's fatal fall from the scaffolding at the construction site, the profound sadness about his widow and young children leave Clara no choice but to pay attention to the Quinn Sense. The sheriff has concluded the death was an accident, but a vision tells Clara he was murdered. Clara's realizes she will have to do something. She sticks her nose into the whole nasty and dangerous situation, riling the sheriff and putting herself in danger with her questions. People who think it's OK to murder someone are not people who take her nosy questions lightly. Clara soon faces a life or death situation.

A nice twist to Clara's paranormal talents is that she and her dog Tatters can understand each other. Tatters plays a role in the resolution.The plot has an interesting-but-not-heavy peripheral mother-daughter relationship situation (Clara is living with her mother until she can get her feet on the ground after coming home).

For book lovers, dog lovers, and paranormal mystery aficionados, this is a treat.
—Dian Esterly

FTC Disclaimer - This book was provided by the publisher.

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