Sunday, January 11, 2009

PRIME TIME by Hank Phillippi Ryan (Harlequin Next)

It should come as no surprise that the winner of numerous journalism awards knows how to tell a story! Charlotte "Charlie" McNully is worrying that her age is endangering her career as an on-screen TV reorter. She and her producer are out to find a great story for sweeps week. Little do they realize that a series of email spam will send them both on a life-threatening journey.

This delightful book is populated with well-drawn characters who provoke strong feelings--both good and bad--from the reader. Here's hoping this will be a  l-0-n-g series!

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Hank Phillippi Ryan said...

Well, imagine my delight! I'm checking MM, as I always do--and there's your glowing review of Prime Time! I'm thrilled and excited, and so glad you liked it. Thank you!

For your readers: It's an incredible time for PRIME TIME and the Charlotte McNally Mystery series.

PRIME TIME (which won the Agatha for best first mystery) is going to be reissued by MIRA Books this July! Followed by FACE TIME a Booksense Notable Book)from MIRA in August, and the brand new AIR TIME from MIRA in September.

They'll be easy to find, and now your summer reading can include three Charlies in a row.

And watch for DRIVE TIME from MIRA in 2010!

Again, many thanks and much gratitude! See you soon.