Tuesday, March 17, 2009

THE BODIES LEFT BEHIND by Jeffrey Deaver (Simon & Schuster)

It started with a 911 call that had only one word, “this,” before being cut off. Still, Sheriff Tom Dahl thought it important enough to send a deputy to the location of the call— an isolated cabin near Lake Mondac, one of Kenosha county’s numerous lakes. Dahl decides to sends his best, Deputy Brynn McKensie.

And so starts Jeffrey Deaver’s latest thriller. Brynn finds two bodies and just evades becoming the third victim. As Brynn escapes, she notices that someone has shot out several of tires on the killer’s car. Brynn realizes there must be someone else hiding out in the woods. She locates the third person, a woman named Michelle, a guest of the homeowners. Now it becomes a race against time for the two women to escape and get help before the two killers eliminate the last witnesses.

Deaver is at his best at keeping you at the edge of your seat, always providing enough twists and surprises to make sure you are paying attention.

—Steve Bank

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