Sunday, June 28, 2009

LONG LOST by Harlan Coben (Dutton)

Myron Bolitar is hopscotching all over Europe trying to help an ex-girl friend he hasn’t seen in years—in Harlan Coben’s latest book, Long Lost.

It was a 5 a.m. phone call from Terese Collins that got Myron’s attention. With no detailed explanation—just a plea to "come to Paris" and instructions to get on an Air France jet leaving JFK that night and meet her at her hotel, the d’Aubusson. It has been a decade since Myron and Terese hooked up, but he remembered a spectacular few days with her on an island near Aruba. Myron has had only three true loves in his life and Terese was #2. Since his ongoing relationship with Ali (love #3) has hit a rough spot, Myron decides to head for Paris. It doesn’t take long for him to be enmeshed in the murder investigation of Terese’s ex-husband. Picked up by a special branch of the French police, Myron is released but more confused and intrigued then ever. He certainly will not desert Terese , but he knows he will need the assistance of his powerful best friend Win and the help of his staff back in New York, Esperanza and Big Cindi. Fans of Coben will recognize the gang that has played significant roles in past thrillers. It will an exciting roller coaster, but this time it will be Europe that is the background for Coben’s latest adventure, not the familiar scenery of New York or New Jersey.
—Steve Bank


Vicki Lane said...

Oh, the excitement -- I adore Myron and Win! What a dynamic combo those two fellas are!

rohit said...

An enjoyable read Long Lost by Harlan Coben. loved the way you wrote it. I find your review very genuine and original, this book is going in by "to read" list.