Monday, August 31, 2009

The Lipstick Chronicles has a new look!

Mystery lovers know it's not good to believe in coincidence. That said, I added a series of "favorite links" to my page this weekend. Today I got two invitations via Facebook to see The Lipstick Chronicles' new look. Coincidence? I think not. Join me in checking out this updated site—today on "Manly Mondays," TLC welcomes Gregg Hurwitz.

Even if you don't read everything, it's worth a look for the cool 1950s artwork!

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Elaine Viets said...

Glad you liked The Lipstick Chronicles' new look, Molly. We hope you'll stop by all week and keep coming back after that.
On Wednesday, Charlaine Harris talks about how she's always working. On Friday PJ Parrish has a hysterical blog about shoulder pads? Remember them? I wore them in the 80s, to my shame.