Wednesday, August 05, 2009

A SLICE OF MURDER by Chris Cavender (Kensington)

If you don't like to wait 50 pages for your first body, this one's for you! "911? I need to report a murder," it starts—and the pace doesn't slow down after that! Eleanor Swift, North Carolina widow, owns a pizza restaurant, and she's not above making deliveries when she's short staffed. That's how she discovers the body.

Eleanor had slapped the deceased at the Harvest Festival last fall after he made a pass at her. In the mind of the police, that gave her a motive for murdering him now. That's how she becomes interested in solving the crime.

Eleanor and her often-flighty sister Maddy make a great detective team as well as great pizza. Just like in a well-seasoned recipe, this book is peppered with a bit of romance, a dash of humor, and a full portion of solid crime solving. Buon appetito!

Chris Cavender (aka Tim Myers) will be in the Triangle with the NC Men of Mystery Tour. (See listing on Meritorious Mysteries July 25.)

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